In 2018 the chinese cosmetic brand Chando promoted its anti-aging masks in a special manner for the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Ogilvy Shanghai’s creative team, directed by Chee Guan Yue, came up with the idea to use the masks as a media for the national teams, and promoted contests between the designs on the day of the matches. My job was to develop the visuals. ​​​​​​​
The idea of these poster pieces was to show through minimalistic illustrations how tender Frisa products are. The posters work individually or side by side as presented below. Happily the three of them were featured by Lürzer's Archive. For this job I teamed up with copywriter Rodrigo Pegoretti, from MP Publicidade.
- is the biggest wine e-commerce in Latin America. The company requested a more versatile logo and graphic characteristics that could be used in oder group products as well, such as for instance the Clube One. To make that possible I created a typeface, besides the new logotype and visual identity.
The idea was to show how easy and fast is to open a Banestes account through the mobile app. Easier and faster than many daily situations. I created this campaign with copywriter and creative director Bruno Reis, from Agencia Fire.
Copy - "It's easy, fast, and safe. Download now and open your account like this."
The Anemonas is an .otf typeface inspired by the bottom of the sea. It has two variants: one for headlines and one for long texts. There are 176 glyphs, with numbers, accents and ponctuation.
Hop & Cold is a Brazilian cold brew brand. This campaign was developed for their social media and meant to be light and fun. The ideia was to represent the main ingredients of the cold brew (coffee and hop) interacting with each oder. I created the 3D character and the sceneries. My partner on this job is the creative director Bruno Reis, from Agencia Fire.
These type illustrations were created for Superinteressante Magazine. The report was about human guinea pigs: people who used still unapproved medicaments in tests made by pharmaceutical laboratories. The hand drawn texts are curiosities about some players in the stories: doctors, sick patients and pepole willing to do the tests in exchange for money. The compositions recieved the Award of Excellence by the Society for News Design.
These are some letterings I created for a side project. I used pencils and ink to create the strokes. The colors were applied on photoshop, the artwork printed out, wrinkled and scanned once again. Then I did some final retouches.
The Colonel Invention is a book which tells the story of the men who ran the politics in the era known in Brazil as "Coronelismo".  These men were a mix of tyrants, technocrats, and populists. I was invited to create the cover. For this artwork I used collage, lettering illustration and some picture retouching.
These ads were created to promote the Tuatara Craft Beer, which is selled by Wbeer, one of the biggest beer e-commerces in Brazil. Besides Tuatara, they sell beer from all over the globe as well. I designed and illustrated the images. Ezen Tavares is the copywriter of the campaign.
Ad 1 - "Crafted by hand, conquered with fists."
Ad 2 - "Haka is the Maori welcome dance. Specially when the waiter comes with Tuatara."
Ad 3 - "New Zealand has unique species. Meet the tastiest of them."
These posters were created for the 32° and 33° Casa Brasileira Museum Design Award poster contest. The 32° one was featured in the selected poster exihibition, which happens in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
These are alltype posters created for Hop & Cold POS. I created the 3D lettering and packshot. Copy and creative direction by Bruno Reis, from Agencia Fire.
Poster 1 - An intriguing coldbrew: the flavor of the coffee is a hug, the smell of the hop is a slap.
Poster 2 - The water is pure, the coffee divine, and the hop kind of bratty.
Poster 3 - How we explain Hop & Cold for the young generations: we shipped the coffee and the hop.
This is a creative concept for, which offers the search of the best and the nearest restaurants to order food through app and website in Finland. To represent the service, I created a symbol mixing two well-known icons (pizza and pin). The colors are vibrant and hot. They represent the tomato (red), the basil (green), and the cheese (yellow). Both white and gray are the balance between them, they are the secondary colors.
Art direction, photography, illustration, and image manipulation for Corpore Runner's “How Far Will You Go?” The creative direction is by Augusto Moya, from Fischer.
Vitória is a beautiful city in southeast Brazil. Unfortunately most tourists have difficulty to know exactly what to do and where to go during their visit because there’s no sufficient tourist information. In order to offer the best experience possible I thought of an app that shows the cool places in Vitória and how to get there. 
The campaign is about people who suffer from depression. The pain they feel is sometimes so subtle we cannot see it, and in order to help, we need to pay attention to it more carefully. I did the art direction, the 3D lettering, and the image manipulation. The creative direction is from Bruno Reis, the copywriting from Julia Sorensini. Agency: Fire.
Ad 1 Main Lettering- "IT'S NOTHING"
Ad 2 Main Lettering- "I'M FINE"
Ad 3 Main Lettering- "IT'S GONNA PASS"

Copy: "The pain is subtle. Look at it more carefully."
Signature: "#janeirobranco: the mental health matters."
Some 3D experiments created in Cinema 4D and rendered with Otoy Octane. 
Poster for The Originals, which a hot dog restaurant located in São Paulo. Agency: Lua Propaganda.
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